New Selections shown at the 2016 Manheim Business Expo:

-Photo from the Expo-

As a way of displaying newly available items for those attending the business expo and now anyone visiting our website, Spence Funeral and Cremation Services, Inc. of Manheim is offering three new options for personalizing funeral merchandise when the need arises. We understand these choices are not applicable for everyone, but are shared here to help you think about your preferences. We welcome your comments and questions along with any other concerns you may have. 


Harley Davidson Colors
When selecting a casket that reflects a favorite passion or significant interest a person may have had during their lifetime, this particular one, with the well-know Harley Davidson colors, could be a fitting tribute for some motorcycle owners. There are many custom-designed casket exteriors and interiors which may be appropriate for people with various interests. This is an example of one of those.

Green Burial Container
We understand the desire among some people to continue their natural earth-conservative ideals when a death occurs just as they had practiced during their lifetime. There now is a wider range of options and merchandise available to fulfill those requests and desires, and we at Spence Funeral Services are publicly and explicitly making those choices available to you as a concerned consumer.

A Special Sportsman's Casket
In a natural wooden casket with a hunter's type cloth interior, this casket represents a special design for those who may have enjoyed any aspect of hunting or being in the woods among wildlife. While not advocating the presence of a gun, that option is part of this example as shown here. Interiors and exteriors are customized for those who desire special choices.

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