The following is a list of books available at the Manheim Community Library that address various aspects of grief.

Aunt Mary's Rose, by Douglas Wood. Find it in the "W" bin. Family traditions and photos help us recall happy memories about those we love.

The Berenstain Bears Lose a Friend, by Stan Berenstain. Find it in the "B" bin.

The Dragonfly Door, by John Adams. Find it in the "A" bin.

Grandma's Gloves, by Cecil Castelluci. Find it on the Parenting shelf. A grandchild faces the death of a beloved grandmother by remembering all she as been taught about tending the beautiful flowers in the garden.

The Heart and the Bottle, by Oliver Jeffers. Find it on the Parenting shelf. A small child experiences a death in the family and hides her heart so it cannot be hurt again. She eventually learns that life does go on and it becomes full and colorful again.

Remembering Crystal, by Sebastian Loth. Find it on the Parenting shelf. Crystal and Zelda are friends. One day Crystal is gone and though other friends try to convince Zelda it is okay, she has a hard time understanding. This story shares her journey of understanding and learning to remember.

Remembering Mrs. Rossi, by Amy Hest. Find it in the "H" bin.

The Saddest Time, by Norma Simon. FInd it on the Parenting shelf. Three short stories reflect the time surrounding the death of someone cared about by others in the story. It attempts to explain that death is a natural, if sad, part of life. A beloved Uncles gets sick and cannot be cured. A child dies in a biking accident and a grandmother comes quietly to the end of her days with family nearby.