We realize many people have questions and concerns when considering funeral or memorial services for themselves or for others. The following checkboxes and questions may help you clarify some of your thoughts and will assist us in responding to you. Please include your contact information and fill in as much information as you want. 

My concern today is for information or help with one of the following:

        Finding support or a support group 

        Discussing concerns about a person who is dying

        Planning ahead for myself or someone else

        Help with changing or re-thinking plans already made

        I have non-traditional or very different ideas for my own plans


Other Important Questions:

If you have given any thought about your own services, which would you choose? 

       Burial  Cremation  Private Services  Undecided

If your family had to arrange your funeral today because you hadn't already done it, what would worry you the most?

      They wouldn't know what I wanted and might make the wrong decisions or overspend because of emotions.

      The financial strain I would have put on them.

      The potential for disagreement/conflict among them about the decisions to make.

In the event of your death, who would make your funeral plans?

      My Spouse

      My Children

      Other Family Members

      Other Person

Are you aware that traditional services and visitation are available with cremation?

      Yes    No

When selecting a funeral home, what would influence your choice?

      Firm's Reputation


      Past Experience


      Known and Trusted Staff

     Other Reason: 

Payment for your final arrangements?

       Personal Savings

       Already Prepaid  


       Family Members


Would you like to occasionally receive a newsletter or emailed information from us?

       Yes     No

Are you aware that most funeral homes require payment at the time of service?

       Yes     No

Are you aware that you can plan and pay in full or by payments for your final arrangements in advance of need?

       Yes     No

Did you know that by funding your final arrangements now, you will:

  Ensure your final instructions can be fulfilled?   Yes     No

  Have a payment plan that meets your budget?   Yes     No

  Exempt some personal savings from Medicaid?   Yes     No

  Guarantee services & merchandise at today's prices?   Yes     No


Your Name: 

Street Address: 

City, State, Zip: 

Email Address: 


Your Age: 

Your Spouse's Age: 

Please tell us what information we can send to you.

I need to find a support group. Please explain -

I would like an appointment to discuss:

   Funeral Plans

   Pre-need Funding

   Cremation Options

   Pre-need Payment Plans

   Veterans Plans

   Transferring My Existing Arrangements