Most everyone recognizes the need for a will, but the vast majority never follow through. Preparing a will can be easy and inexpensive. Once your will has been established you can be assured that your estate will be distributed according to your wishes. Assuming you are 18 years of age and of sound mind when the will is written, it will be legal if:

  • It expressly states that it is your will.
  • It is in writing.
  • It is signed and dated by the testator.
  • It is signed by two or three witnesses. Witnesses must be people who don’t stand to benefit for the estate.

Although you do not need a lawyer to create a will, it is advisable to consider their guidance. Once your will is complete, it is recommended that it is kept somewhere safe and secure. It is also important to notify your executor of the name of your attorney and location of your will. Many people keep their wills in a safety deposit box at a bank, but this is not recommended. Typically, safety deposit boxes are sealed at the time of death resulting in the will being immediately inaccessible.