Pre-Need FAQ

When individuals are considering pre-planning for themselves or others, it is common to have questions. This section answers some commonly asked questions. If additional questions arise, please feel free to contact us at the funeral home.

Can I make changes to my pre-arrangements?

Yes, pre-arrangements should be reviewed, especially following changes in your family, circumstances, or funeral preferences.

Do I have to pre-pay?

No. Pre-funding arrangements is only one aspect of pre-planning. Families or individuals may choose whether pre-paying is right for them based on their discussion with the funeral director.

Does pre-paying guarantee prices?

Pre-paying services and merchandise guarantees that you or your family will never pay more for those items at the time of need. However, other expenses, such as cemetery, obituaries, death certificates, etc., can be pre-paid, but are not guaranteed.

What happens to the money?

Pennsylvania requires funeral homes to invest 100 percent of all money received prior to providing services into a safe account. Spence Funeral Services utilizes a pre-need insurance policy designed especially for this purpose.

What happens if the funeral home is sold or goes out of business?

If the funeral home is sold, the new owner is obligated to honor all previous agreements. If the business would cease to exist, the insurance policy continues without interruption and can be used toward expenses at another funeral home.

What happens if I decide to move and/or choose a different funeral home?

You may take your policy with you. Spence Funeral Services has no control over the policy nor is entitled to any benefit unless we provide services. Other funeral homes are not obligated to honor our prices and agreement; however, the money is always yours.