Spence Funeral Services values the relationships we’ve built with you and your family. We respectfully ask you to consider providing a testimonial of our services and staff.

Although Pam had been living with cancer for some years, her death was both sudden and unexpected. This was my first personal experience with the death of a person for whom I had the responsibility of handling final arrangements. The service provided by Bill and Kiersten at Spence Funerals and Cremation Services were exactly what I needed to sort out the details and navigate what needed to be done at a difficult time. Unobtrusive—reassuring— responsive and respectful were all hallmarks of the services that they provided—nothing was too much trouble.

Pam's death occurred at the height of the pandemic, so traditional services were not possible.

Bill and Kiersten were quick to give guidance and suggestions for how we might go about organizing a Celebration of Life on ZOOM that turned out to be a great way to bring family and friends to join together across the globe in a way that would never have been possible with a traditional in-personal funeral service.

Pam was laid to rest in a lake with special memories of her childhood.

The eco-water urn from https://www.thelivingurn.com/products/eco-water-urn was just what was needed and Spences transferred Pam's ashes ready for placing in the lake.

My only tip for someone planning that format for scattering ashes is to plan ahead for how you are going to actually get the eco-water urn placed into the water. -Mike L., Manheim, PA

We as a family thank Spence Funeral Home for the wonderful services they provided for us as we made plans to bury our father. Our father looked so good and their care and compassion was so genuine and respectful. We would highly recommend them to anyone burying a loved one. The Miller Sisters, Manheim, Pa.

Thank you for all you did to make Mom's service special. She looked beautiful. Our son said, "That's the G-ma I remember." Your care and concern for our family's wishes was appreciated so much. -The S. Family, Manheim, Pa.

Bill, We want to thank you and your staff for going above and beyond in helping us with Martha's arrangements. You are great at what you do and we couldn't have chosen anyone better.  -Matt R., Shippensburg, Pa.

I want Bill and staff to know that the experience we have had with Spence Funeral Services has been like no other. You have gone above and beyond what I would ever have expected and y'all have made this trying time just a wee bit easier.  I am truly thankful that my Mom picked Spence Funeral Services. -Sheri S., Manheim, Pa.

Bill and staff, Thank you for going out of your way to help us in our time of need. Thank you for giving us all the chance to see our loved one one last time. Thank you for making the process not so painful. We are forever grateful for everything! The W. family, Manheim, Pa. 

Thank you so much for making available the website for recorded funeral services! I am so very thankful to have been able to "attend" my brother's service from a distance of 500 miles. His service was beautifully presented, the music was outstanding as his family is quite gifted. This is the first I've been aware of this new offering through a funeral home and it's wonderful. Thank you again! -Mary M., Oregon, Ohio

My daughter was born still, something you never expect to happen. I've never had to prepare or think about funerals and didn't even know where to begin. From the very first phone call, I knew this was the right place to work with. The kindness we received was so amazing. When I left the hospital without my daughter, Bill went even after 9pm to pick up my daughter. It brought me so much comfort to know my girl wasn't in the hospital morgue. Then Bill came to my house to go over everything and was so organized and prepared. Every detail was worked out. I could go on and on about many other great things, but my review would be the length of an essay. We are so thankful someone recommended this place to us. - Jen L., Middletown, Pa.

After our initial meeting to the end of the funeral, our family was grateful; Mother had chosen wisely.                                    -Children of Ruth H., Elizabethtown, Pa.

We wanted to thank you for guiding us through the pre-planning and funeral arrangements for our mother. We felt very blessed working with you and see why you have an incredible reputation in the community. Thank you again for all that you have done for us. -Jim & Lorie S., York, Pa.

Thank you very much for the wonderful service to us and our friends. You made it very comfortable and meaningful for us. I will recommend your services to others. May God bless you. -Daniel H., Myerstown, Pa

My family was blessed to have you take care of both our parents. You are so caring and kind. You knew what was important to us and saw that it all worked. We were touched by the “extra” little things you did – driving Dad by his farm and house and the special picture at the cemetery. Thank you for the awesome job you did!  -Sharon P., Manheim, Pa.

It is hard to put into words the gratitude I felt after receiving your card and beautiful message! I thank you again for your professional help and kindness this past year! -Dodie L., Elizabethtown, Pa.

I can’t begin to thank you and your team for the incredible job you did this past week. We were so very pleased with everything – the urn, the Navy book, the flowers, and how smoothly everything flowed. Your kindness, compassion and competence is so supportive during a stressful time like this and we want you to know it is very appreciated. -Vicki G., Columbia, Pa.

We so appreciated your kindness and caring. Your expertise and professionalism helped us navigate a very difficult experience in our lives. We are eternally grateful to you for that. As a nurse, Don had some contact with several funeral directors. He would have appreciated you. -Eunice H., Manheim, Pa.

To Bill and staff,

Thank you for the booklet on grief.  You and staff are wonderful .  Bill, you are one special person.  Words cannot express the caring and consideration of our needs from the first moment of Scott’s death and going forward.  I have shared the booklets with others.  You are the greatest! -Sara S., Manheim, Pa.